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How to Choose Toilet Paper Processing Equipment? A Beginner’s Guide

Tissue paper making machine in operation, a crucial component of the toilet paper manufacturing process.

As a daily essential, toilet paper is in constant demand. Many people have recently considered investing in small-scale toilet paper processing factories. However, the various types of toilet paper processing equipment can be confusing for newcomers. Let’s break down the essential machines needed for toilet paper processing.

Generally, toilet paper processing equipment is divided into two main types: roll paper processing and facial tissue processing. For those just starting in this industry, it’s recommended to begin with roll paper processing due to its lower investment cost and higher sales volume, making it the preferred option in the paper processing industry.

Toilet paper processing equipment

Toilet paper processing equipment typically includes a toilet paper rewinding machine, a toilet paper cutting machine, and a water-cooled sealing machine. These machines are essential for producing toilet paper and are commonly used in the industry.

The toilet paper rewinding machine

The toilet paper rewinding machine is responsible for automatically unwinding, cutting, spraying adhesive, and rewinding the raw material jumbo paper rolls. Modern toilet paper rewinding machines, such as the new 1880 model, are constructed from high-strength steel plates and incorporate new technologies such as embossing and perforation, making them more durable and automated compared to older models.

The toilet paper cutting machine

The toilet paper cutting machine is used to cut the semi-finished product produced by the rewinding machine into the desired sizes.

The sealing machine

The sealing machine is used to package the cut toilet paper rolls into bags for distribution and sale. These machines are semi-automatic and require manual assistance for operation. However, investing in a fully automatic 3-meter production line can be a one-stop solution for those with a sufficient budget.

Selecting a toilet paper rewinding machine

Machines made of thick steel plates

When selecting a toilet paper rewinding machine, it’s crucial to avoid machines made of channel steel. These machines may be cheaper, but over time, the welding joints may become loose, affecting production efficiency. Instead, opt for machines made of thick steel plates for better stability and durability.

The level of equipment automation

Additionally, the level of equipment automation should be considered. High automation equipment reduces labor costs and increases production efficiency. It’s also essential to pay attention to the configuration of the equipment, including the brands of electrical components and cylinders used.

After-sales service

Finally, prioritize equipment with comprehensive after-sales service. Avoid purchasing second-hand equipment, as they may need proper after-sales support. Instead, invest in quality equipment from reputable manufacturers with reliable after-sales service.

In conclusion, selecting the right toilet paper processing equipment requires careful consideration of factors such as construction materials, automation level, configuration, and after-sales service. Remember, quality equipment comes with a price, so comparing options from multiple manufacturers and prioritizing reliability and support is essential.

For more information on toilet paper making machines, toilet paper cutting machines, and toilet paper slitting machines, feel free to contact Fujian Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd, a trusted tissue paper processing equipment provider.

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