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Starting a Tissue Paper Business: Should You Choose Toilet Paper or Facial Tissue?

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Starting a tissue paper business involves crucial decisions. One key choice is between toilet paper and facial tissue. These products serve essential hygiene roles but differ significantly in production and market demand. Understanding these differences can guide your investment decision.

Understanding the Differences

Toilet Paper Production:

Toilet paper is essential in homes worldwide, ensuring steady demand. Its production mainly uses a toilet paper rewinding machine. This machine automates rewinding, turning large paper rolls into consumer-sized ones. You’ll need a semi-automatic line that includes manual cutting and bagging. Starting up requires about 150 square meters of space and two to three workers.

Facial Tissue Production:

Facial tissue, used for personal hygiene, requires a different approach. A facial tissue making machine automates converting large rolls into interfolded tissues ready for use. This production typically demands a higher initial investment than toilet paper. Like toilet paper, starting facial tissue production needs about 150 square meters and a few workers for packaging.

Market Considerations

Research your local market’s demand before making a decision. Toilet paper has a wider market due to its everyday use, while facial tissue targets a niche market looking for convenience and luxury. Your choice should depend on your target market’s preferences and the competitive landscape in your area.

Investment and Costs

Costs are crucial in your decision. For small-scale manufacturers, entering the toilet paper market can be more cost-effective. Basic equipment for starting a toilet paper business may cost between $40,000 and $60,000. In contrast, facial tissue production might need about $100,000 due to more complex machinery.


Choosing between toilet paper and facial tissue production hinges on your budget, market demand, and business goals. Both options offer viable paths to success but cater to different market needs and require varying levels of initial investment.

For more information on toilet paper manufacturing equipment, contact Fujian Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. We are leaders in tissue paper making machines and can help you select the right processes and equipment for your production needs.

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