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Hello to all entrepreneurs of toilet paper production industry

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our website – Fujian Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd, which went live in December 2023, marking a significant milestone as we step into 2024! It’s time to pop the confetti, cue the applause, and explore the exciting world of toilet paper, kitchen towel and tissue paper processing machinery with us.

A new website doesn’t represent a new company. For over two decades, we’ve been the backbone of innovation and excellence in the realm of toilet paper and kitchen towel processing machinery. Our clients are from all over the world – Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Dubai, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Guinea, South Africa, Congo, Rwanda, South Korea, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Our company founder – Penny Chen has deeply cultivated in tissue paper industry for years. With a factory sprawling over 2000 square meters, backed by a seasoned R&D design team, and fueled by our passionate sales force, we’ve been crafting tissue paper machinery that’s not just functional but revolutionary.

Continuing from the enthusiastic introduction of our revamped website, let’s delve into the core offerings that have positioned Fujian Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd as a pioneer in the tissue paper industry. We proudly present a diverse range of machinery designed to meet the intricate demands of modern paper production:

1. Toilet Paper & Kitchen Towel Making Machine

Our portfolio in this category is robust, featuring machines like the High-Speed Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine and the Full Automatic Wallboard Type Color Glue Lamination Kitchen Towel / Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine. Each machine is tailored to specific market needs, such as our Automatic Wrapper-Type High Speed Kitchen Towel/Toilet Paper Production Lines, designed specifically for markets in South Africa and Russia. These machines embody the fusion of high efficiency and cutting-edge technology, ensuring top-tier performance and product quality.

2. V Fold Facial Tissue Making Machine

This lineup includes the Automatic Transfer V Fold Facial Tissue Production Line and the innovative Disposable Facial Towel Production Line. Our machines support a variety of production styles, from glue lamination to box drawing, guaranteeing versatility and superior output in facial tissue manufacturing.

3. N Fold Hand Towel Making Machine

Specializing in N fold products, this category features the Full Automatic N fold Hand Towel Production Line and several variations of the N Fold Glue Lamination Hand Towel Machine. These are designed to optimize production efficiency and meet diverse consumer needs.

4. Napkin Tissue Paper Making Machine

From the Double Output High Speed Napkin Machine to the sophisticated Wallboard Type Embossing Napkin Folding Machine, our napkin making solutions are crafted to enhance operational speed and reliability while delivering aesthetically pleasing and high-quality napkins.

5. Maxi Roll Making Machine

This category includes the Automatic Maxi Roll Production Line and Maxi Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine, perfect for high-volume production environments looking to maximize productivity without compromising on quality.

6. Paper Core Machine

Our machines, such as the Core Cutting Machine/Paper Tube Cutter and the Kraft Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine, are essential for producing strong and precise paper cores and tubes, integral to various paper products.

7. Tissue Paper Cutting Machine

With offerings like the Automatic Band Saw Machine and the Hand Towel Log Saw, our cutting machines are engineered to deliver precise cuts and handle multiple product sizes, enhancing both flexibility and efficiency in operations.

8. Packing Machine

Ranging from the Automatic Shrinking Machine to various configurations of box and roll packing machines, our packing solutions are designed to ensure that final products are packaged securely and attractively, ready for distribution and sale.

9. Barrel Type Wet Wipes Machine

Our Barrel Type Wet Wipes Slitting and Rewinding Machine addresses the growing demand for wet wipes, providing an efficient and reliable solution for high-speed production.

10. Jumbo Roll Making Machine

The Jumbo Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine is ideal for handling large rolls of tissue and paper, proving indispensable in industrial-scale paper production.

Each category of our machinery portfolio is developed with the precision and expertise that Fujian Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is known for. Backed by decades of experience and a relentless pursuit of innovation, we continue to empower paper manufacturers globally to reach new heights of productivity and quality. Explore our offerings and let us help you achieve excellence in your paper production endeavors. Also, our FAQs, Manual Download and Video Guide Sections will give you more assistance on the trade, machine usage and installation.

Warm regards,

Fujian Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd

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