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Wallboard Type Embossing Napkin Folding Machine

The Embossing Napkin Folding Machine is a cutting-edge solution for the high-grade napkin processing sector. It integrates advanced embossing, folding, and cutting technologies to produce square or rectangular napkins with precise overlays and sharp patterns. This machine is engineered for efficiency and speed, ensuring a high output of napkins that meet the quality demands of the upscale market. With features like transmission belt drive, electronic counting, and mechanical folding, it stands out for its operational ease and adaptability. Its ability to customize to standard models further enhances its utility in diverse production settings, making it an essential asset for businesses aiming to elevate their napkin product line.

Video & Technical Parameters

Embossing Napkin Folding Machine is to cut through the paper tray after embossing and automatically folded into a square or rectangular-shaped napkin open. Clear and bright overlay accuracy, high speed stationary, is the processing of special equipment for high-grade napkins.

Main function features:

  1.      Transmission belt drive configuration
  2.      Pattern matching paper rolling device, pattern significantly
  3.      Electronic counting dislocation row of output
  4.      Folding board with mechanical hand with the folded shape, cutting through the band saw cutter
  5.      Other standard models can be customized
Product unfold size 300*300mm
Product fold size 150X150mm
Raw material jumbo roll size 1100 mm
Jumbo roll paper core diameter 76.2 mm
Working capacity 600~800 pcs/minute
Embossing unit Steel to paper
Counting unit Electronic counting
Machine power 4.5KW
Dimension 3900X900X1500mm
Weight About 1400kg

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