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Toilet Roll Paper Muti-functional Bundling Pack Machine

The HF-B30REM Type Toilet Roll Paper Multi-functional Bundling Pack Machine revolutionizes packaging with its versatility, accommodating single packed cored or unpacked cored rolls in various arrangements. Engineered for efficiency, it features servo-driven operations for paper towel arrangement, bag pre-filling, and sealing, enhancing ease of use and maintenance. Its energy-efficient design, utilizing a centralized negative pressure station, and a heating tube sealing system, adapts to a wide range of packaging material specifications, ensuring aesthetic seals and stable performance. With capabilities of reaching up to 20 packs per minute and integrated functions for waste management and fault detection, this machine sets new standards in tissue packaging, making it ideal for manufacturers seeking reliability and adaptability in their packaging processes.

Video & Technical Parameters

Operational View of HF-B30REM Bundling Machine Packaging Output by HF-B30REM Machine


Main Tech performance Advantage Instruction:

  1. HF-B30REM Type Toilet Roll Paper Muti-functional Bundling Pack Machine  is suitable for single packed cored or unpacked cored  horizontal, vertical arrangement, single-layer, multi-layer Bag packaging.
  2. The arrangement of paper towels, pre-filling bags, feeding and filling  pulling bags, and bags sending are all driven by servo, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
  3. The centralized management mode of the negative pressure station is adopted to effectively reduce energy consumption.
  4. The whole set adopts the heating tube sealing system, which fully meets the diversified requirements of the user’s packaging material thickness variation, inside/surface printing, and inaccurate corona density of the packaging material, ensuring the adaptability of the packaging material, beautiful sealing and stable operation.
  5. Configure the waste bag non-stop automatic culling function, air source management function, fault alarm display function and servo overload protection function.
  6. The highest stable production speed is 20 packs/minute.
Basic parameter & feature Description Note
Paper Suitable Range Single with core or coreless, unpacked toilet roll paper Horizontal/Vertical
Infeed Mode Fully auto double/ three smart feeding system Front line is equiped 1 to 1 or 2 to 3 distributor
Single Sngle Size Range Diameter 80 mm to  130 mm/Height 80mm to  130 mm Single size error±2mm, Single pack size under control within the suitable range
Paper Array Mode

(Layer X Lane X Row)

Paper Array Range 80mm to 360mm 1-3 layer height,size error±5mm
160mm to 360mm 2-3 lane width,size error±5mm
320mm to 690mm 4-6row Length,size error±10mm

(The longest length 690mm, say115X6)


(Packing mode sample)


(Packing mode sample)

Design Work Speed 22 packs/min Refer to packing size and the speed.
Stable Work Speed 8-20 packs/min
Bundling Bag Singe Pre-bag with handle,≥0.05mmPE film Detail see bag design standard
Installation Unit of Bundling Bag Dual Storage Racks
Bundling Bag Storage QTY 600 pcs bundling bag
Bundling Bag Sealing Mode Heat Tube Sealing Mouth
Sealing Insert Mechanical Insert and Mould Combination Mode
Sealing Insert Mechanical Insert and Mould Combination Mode
Equipment Size, Weight, Power According to the last design
Electric Control MITSUBISHI
Pneumatic Brand FESTO
Compressed Air Pressure≥  0.6 MPA Buyer provide
Driving Force Power 380V/50HZ Suitable voltage range +/-10%
I/O Input、Output (VDC) 24VDC Electric system control circuit input、Output
Knife Cutting mode Inser cutting type Surface jagged after cut
Machine Driving control mode Servo/Inverter /Cylinder Positioning control
Suitable for voltage fluctuation Range +/-10% Follow national power standard
I/O Input(VDC) 24VDC Electrical system control loop input
I/O Output(VDC) 24VDC Electrical system control loop output
Machine color and process Rice ash, electrostatic spraying paint process

Paper bag packaging style

Prebag Reserve vents, vents∮≥2.5mm

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