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Semi Automatic High Speed Box Sealing Machine

The HF-FH3 Semi-Automatic Box Packing Machine is an essential tool for the paper industry, combining efficiency and flexibility in packaging solutions. Operating at speeds of 40-70 boxes per minute, it accommodates a versatile range of box sizes and weights, making it ideal for packing various paper products, from facial tissues to toilet paper. Equipped with hot melt glue technology, it ensures secure sealing at an impressive throughput. The machine’s compact design, requiring just 3.2 KW of power and a minimal air compressor capacity of 0.4 MPA, makes it an economical choice for manufacturers looking to optimize their packaging line with minimal space and energy consumption. This machine is particularly beneficial for businesses in the paper making, tissue manufacturing, and converting industries, offering a reliable packaging solution that enhances productivity and operational efficiency.

Video & Technical Parameters

Name and Model HF-FH3 Semi Automatic Box Packing Machine
Speed 40-70 box/min
Packing size Length: 100- 300 mm

Width: 40-200 mm

Height: 30-90 mm

Box gram weight 300-450g/m2
Glue type Hot melt glue
Power 3.2 KW
Air compressor  0.4 MPA
Weight 1500 KG
Dimension 3000*750*1400 mm

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