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Semi Automatic Bag Sealing Machine

The HF-BZ Semi Automatic Bag Packing Machine stands out in the packaging industry with its efficiency and adaptability. Designed to accommodate a variety of bag sizes, with dimensions ranging from 100-300 mm in length, 40-200 mm in width, and 30-100 mm in height, this machine is capable of handling 8-12 bags per minute. It’s specifically tailored for pre-made bags, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their packaging processes. With a modest power requirement of 2.2 KW and a necessary air compressor pressure of 0.4 MPA, it balances performance with energy efficiency. Lightweight at just 150 KG and with compact dimensions of 30009001400 mm, it’s designed for easy integration into existing production lines.

Video & Technical Parameters

Name and Model HF-BZ Semi Automatic Bag Packing Machine
Speed 8-12 bag/min
Packing size Length: 100- 300 mm

Width: 40-200 mm

Height: 30-100 mm

Bag type Pre-made bag
Power 2.2 KW
Air compressor  0.4 MPA
Weight 150 KG
Dimension 3000*900*1400 mm

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