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Paper Core Machine / Paper Tube Machine

The paper core making machines, also called paper tube making machines are vital component for the toilet paper and tissue industry, streamlines the production of paper cores. Engineered for versatility, it supports various paper core diameters and thicknesses through easily interchangeable moulds. Its integration with toilet paper rewinding machines enhances efficiency, while inverter control guarantees precise tube lengths. The machine’s design emphasizes ease of operation and maintenance, ensuring a stable performance suitable for applications across toilet paper, plastics, and textiles. With its capability to meet custom size requirements, it stands as a key solution for manufacturers aiming for high-quality output in a competitive market.

Video & Technical Parameters

The Paper core making machine or paper tube making machine is for making the paper core inside the toilet paper roll. It consists of three parts: raw material stand, glue unit, rewinding and cutting unit. It can make different thickness and different diameter paper core by changing the mould. This machine easy to operate, running stable, can work with toilet paper rewinding machine.

Functions and features:

  1. Inverter control to ensure the accuracy of the length of paper tube
  2. Automated online on plastic, paper tube and cut off
  3. Product diameter and length can be customized according to customer needs
  4. Products are widely used in toilet paper.Plastic and textile industry
  5. The machine has reasonable design. operation simple and convenient maintenance
Design speed 20 m / min
Steady speed 15 ~ 18 m / minutes
kraft paper width 50~70mm
Paper Tube diameter 25mm~100mm can be customized
Paper tube layers 2 ~ 5 layer
Paper grams amount 250-400 g / m
Reel Length adjustable (maximum: 3.0 m)
Defect rate ≤2%
Power 380V 50HZ
Power 4.0KW
Equipment Size host 2950×1700×1800mm

Jerry device 1250X850X1200mm

Weight 1500Kg

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