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N Fold Hand Towel Machine

The HF-N-210 /2L/3L/4L/5L/6L/7L N Fold Hand Towel Machine, part of our automatic facial tissue production line, processes paper material after embossing, cut off, and interfold into an N fold. The products are widely used in hotels, offices, kitchens, and more, offering convenience and hygiene. This machine incorporates advanced tissue manufacturing technology, ensuring high speed, neat output, and broad compatibility with base paper ranging from 33-45g/m2 (single ply).

Video & Technical Parameters

HF-N-210 /2L/3L/4L/5L/6L/7L
Feature Specification
Finished products size 210(L) X 210±2mm (Other sizes are available)
Raw material size 460 mm, 690 mm, 920 mm, 1150mm, 1380 mm, 1500 mm
Raw material core diameter 76.2mm (Other sizes are available)
Speed 0~100m/min (Depending on the machine model)
Power Frequency conversion speed regulator
Programmable controller PLC computer controller
Folding type Vacuum suction “N” fold
Transmission unit Timing belt
Counter Ink marked
Embossing unit Steel to steel
Slitting unit Pneumatic dot slitting
Pneumatic system 3HP Air compressor, minimum air pressure 5 kg/cm2 (provided by customer)
Total power 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW, 18.5 KW, 22KW
Dimension Depends on Machine Model
Weight Depend on the size and configure


Function and characteristics:

  1. Production speed: (60~100) m/min, catering to high-demand environments.
  2. Features a steel to steel embossing unit for high-quality embossing patterns.
  3. Utilizes pneumatic broken paper automatic separation for easy threading.
  4. Employs synchronous belt transmission for precise speed ratios and low noise.
  5. Base paper adapt range is wide, supporting 33-45g/m2 (single ply), showcasing the flexibility of our eco-friendly tissue production technology.
  6. Offers the option for two layers glue lamination (Optional), enhancing product functionality.

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