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N Fold Glue Lamination Hand Towel Machine

The N Fold Glue Lamination Hand Towel Folding Machine is designed for the production of kitchen towels. It processes raw material through embossing, glue laminating, and interfolding into an N fold. The machine’s glue lamination unit utilizes leading technology with a wall-type structure for clear embossing patterns and evenly distributed glue. This interfolding method enhances the convenience of kitchen towel use. Suitable for producing middle to high-end market kitchen towels, this machine integrates how paper is made and tissue manufacturing technology for superior product quality.

Video & Technical Parameters

Feature Specification
Max. parent roll width 840mm/4L
Paper gram weight 20~24g/m2
Max. parent roll diameter Standard φ1100mm unless otherwise specified
Qty of unwind stand 2 stands
Core inner diameter of parent roll Standard φ3” (76.2mm)
Programming controller PLC
Operate speed 0-100m/min
Open size 210x(130-210)mm
Fold size 70x(130-210)mm
Power 5.5KW 380V 50HZ 3P
Mechanical driving Driving by stepless gear box
Vacuum fan 15 KW (380v 50hz)
Counting Electronic counting
Embossing unit Two sets steel to rubber
Weight 4.0T


Functions and Features:

  1. Automatic counting and sub-bit row of output, speed adjustable by frequency changer for optimal production efficiency.
  2. Screw shear knives and Vacuum adsorption fold ensure precise cutting and folding, with web tension control by manual for enhanced quality.
  3. Features variable speed unwinding to adapt to various base levels of tension, showcasing the machine’s versatility.
  4. Electronically controlled pneumatic settings simplify operation, embodying the how to make toilet paper process with ease and efficiency.
  5. The pneumatic parent roll loading system and adjustable air pressure settings from the pneumatic devices ensure seamless operation and stoppage when the parent paper is depleted.
  6. Offers a wide product width range for diversified market demands, underlining the how are paper towels manufactured ethos with eco-conscious production methods.
  7. Includes a paper break sensor and requires an air compressor, provided by the buyer, to maintain continuous and reliable production.
  8. High-grade glue lamination unit for two-layer lamination, featuring automatic gluing for composite materials, ideal for producing colored glue kitchen pull paper.
  9. Steel to rubber embossing ensures clear and durable embossing patterns, demonstrating the advanced tissue cutting machine capability.
  10. Incorporates a safety feature with the automatic stop function in case of paper breakage or winding issues, ensuring both operator safety and product quality.

This machine represents the pinnacle of how is tissue paper made innovation, designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to produce high-quality, eco-friendly kitchen towels.

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