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Maxi Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine

The HF-XPZ-1575 Maxi Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine is a state-of-the-art solution for high-speed processing of maxi rolls. Constructed from robust materials, it features a wall-type structure for stable, noiseless operation even at high speeds. This machine is equipped with advanced features like pneumatic punching for clear, noise-reduced operation, independent motor paper return racks, automatic edge trimming, glue spraying, and an innovative tail sticking control device. It incorporates a sophisticated PLC control system with a user-friendly touch interface, ensuring precise operation and quality output. The machine’s versatility is further enhanced by its compatibility with various paper qualities, adjustable perforation distances, and automatic roll changing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to optimize their production with efficiency and precision.

Video & Technical Parameters

I. Mechanical structure:

  • The rack is welded with square tubes and steel plates
  • The side panel is a steel plate with a thickness of d=25mm, which is precision machined using a CNC machining center
  • Four leaf pneumatic punching: The punching knife shaft, winding roller, and paper feeding roller are all processed from seamless steel pipes, reducing tool consumption and noise, ensuring clear punching during high-speed operation
  • The punching cutter shaft is driven by a double row sprocket, while the rest is driven by a synchronous belt
  • Trimming slide rail, using HIWIN from Taiwan

II. Paper return rack:

  • Two independent motor paper return racks, side panel racks, with pneumatic paper loading device;
  • Pneumatic control dual flat belt paper feeding, independent motor frequency conversion control synchronized with the host, and tension control of each layer of raw paper is adjusted on the human-machine interface to meet the tension requirements of different quality raw paper
  • All stainless steel tube paper guide roller
  • Base paper diameter φ 1200mm
  • Original paper tube core φ 76.2mm (other specifications can be customized)
  • Jog control device

III.Automatic edge trimming, glue spraying, and tail sticking control device

IV. Automatic roll changing and paper dropping tube device (specifications 76.2-95 mm, empty material alarm shutdown)

V. PLC program control device, touch based human-machine interface operating system (INVIT).

VI. Use detection sensors

VII. Inching control device, emergency stop control device

VIII. Control diameter function (to unify the diameter and weight of the finished product)

Model HF-XPZ-1575 Maxi Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine
Jumbo Roll Max Width 1800mm (Other size can be specified)
Jumbo Roll Diameter Φ1200mm(Other size can be specified)
Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter 3inches(76.2mm) (Other size can be specified)
Perforation Distance 90-180 mm (Other size can be specified)
Finished Product Diameter Φ90~φ260mm
Slitting width ≥ 85 mm
Finished Product Core Diameter φ38~φ76mm
Production Speed 0~220m/min
Unwind Stand 1 Stand
Pneumatic System 3HP Air Compressor, Minimum Pressure: 6kg/cm 2Pa

(Provide by user)

Main Power 20 KW
Dimension 4200*2400*2200(L*W*H)
Weight About 5T
Jumbo Roll Layers 1 or 3 layers, 15-25 gsm paper
Embossing (customized) Steel roller to rubber roller
Voltage 380V 50HZ

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