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Kraft Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine

The Kraft Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine transforms kraft paper jumbo rolls into smaller, adjustable-width rolls, supporting versatile paper product manufacturing. Integrated with a roll core machine, this equipment is essential for paper factories and tissue production lines, offering precision in slitting blades for customized roll widths. Its compatibility with various paper types, including embossed and facial tissue papers, enhances operational efficiency in paper making plants. Designed for ease of use, this machine streamlines the process of paper roll preparation, contributing to the eco-friendly production of paper goods like toilet paper, napkins, and towels. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their paper product offerings.

Video & Technical Parameters

Kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine is for processing kraft paper jumbo roll into small kraft paper roll, the finished product width is changeable by adjusting the slitting blade. This machine is working with roll core machine.

Tpye HF-FQ-1092 HF-FQ-1575
Slitting Width Adjustable
Raw Material Size ≤φ1200X1100 ≤φ1200X1700
Machine Speed 0~100m/min
Cutting speed 0~80m/min
Converting Web 50~600g/m2
Power 10.5KW 12.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H) 4300*2200*1400(mm) 4300*2800*1400mm)
Weight 2about 2500kg about 3000kg
Rewingding Unit Air-shaft
Transmisson System Frequency conversion speed regulator



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