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Jumbo Roll Slitting And Rewinding Machine/Jumbo Roll Cutting Machine

The HF-QPZ-1575 Jumbo Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine is an advanced solution for converting jumbo rolls into smaller rolls of paper towels, napkins, and facial tissues. Engineered for efficiency, this fully automatic machine features pneumatic paper loading, precise unwinding systems, and a high-speed stable operation that enhances productivity. It supports single to four-ply paper with adjustable perforation distances, catering to varied product specifications. The integration of pneumatic core shafts and an advanced control system simplifies operations, ensuring seamless, firm rewinding with minimal noise. Ideal for paper mills seeking reliable, high-quality output, the HF-QPZ-1575 is celebrated for its compact design, reduced tool consumption, and clear, high-speed punching capabilities.

Video & Technical Parameters

Fully automatic jumbo roll paper making machine – slitter rewinder for jumbo roll slitting and rewinding. Rewinding and slitting from single-layer to two ply, three ply, or four ply different sizes jumbo roll, use to fold paper towels, napkins, facial tissue and so on. This jumbo roll making machine have good mechanical performance , the whole structure is compact and reasonable, comprehensive use pneumatic devices, high-speed stable operation, easy to operate, rewinding and firm, and is an ideal machinery to matching paper mill , and received the unanimous esteem from customers.

Main function and feature

  1.  This jumbo roll making machine component by pneumatic to load paper device,  paper material transporter, rewinding and rolling system device.
  2.  Automatic pneumatic paper loading device can convenient send raw material form ground to unwinding unit, dispense with artificially and crane handling
  3. Raw material unwinding system could bring back the rotation of the original volume smoothly, Make rewinding paper speed coordinate with rolled paper speed, and can adjust speed of the rewinding paper and paper roll.
  4.  Using pneumatic core shaft, Convenient tube wear before rewinding and put down jumbo paper after rewinding.
Max Jumbo Roll Width 1750mm,Other size customized
Max jumbo roll diameter 1100mm,Other size customized
Maximum rewinding diameter 1100mm
Processing capacity 150-250m/min
Overall dimensions (mm) 5800x2800x2100mm, Depends on machine model
Equipment Weight 3T, Depends on machine model
Power 5.5KW


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