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Hand Towel Log Saw

The innovative hand towel cutting machine integrates the latest electronic and dual servo transmission technologies to redefine efficiency and precision in the tissue manufacturing sector. Featuring a unique large rotary single channel for continuous, automatic cutting, this machine ensures unparalleled stability and accuracy in paper cutting. The dual servo motor system enhances intermittent raw paper conveyance, while segmented control fine-tunes cutting lengths. A standout feature, the automatic tool grinding system, ensures round knives are always sharp, promoting consistent quality. It’s a game-changer for paper making plants, tissue factories, and toilet paper production lines, offering a touch screen for easy parameter adjustments and significantly improving product quality and operational efficiency.

Video & Technical Parameters

Main function

This machine is a specially designed machine for automatically and continuously cutting hand towel. The design and manufacturing of the entire machine adopt the latest electronic technology and dual servo transmission technology, greatly enhancing the stability of paper cutting, fast and flexible waste removal, anti-static synchronous belt solving the problem of finished product adhesive belt, improving conveying accuracy compared to traditional belts, and improving the cutting quality of paper extraction.

The feeding system of the large rotary single channel paper cutting machine is a unique feature of this machine. It is driven by a dual servo motor system, intermittently conveying raw paper, and segmented control is used for front and rear conveying to accurately control the cutting length of the paper; Rotary paper cutting method, rotating and swinging circular knife holder, circular knife rotation, precise cutting of paper drawing; Configure an automatic tool grinding system to automatically grind round knives, and the grinding wheel automatically feeds. The parameters can be adjusted through the touch screen.


 Technical Parameter

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1 Speed 30-150 cut/min
2 Cutting round blade diameter 610 mm
3 Head and tail minimum cutting 5 mm
4 Cutting size L(150-250)-W(130-300)-H(75-100 )
5 Grinding wheel sharping time setting Adjust through touch screen
6 Voltage 380V、 50HZ
7 Air pressure 0.5–0.8MPa
8 Machine weight 1500kg

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