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Full Automatic N fold Hand Towel Production Line

The Full Automatic N fold Hand Towel Production Line-Machine-Long Saw is a comprehensive solution for producing hand towels, integrating key components such as a hand towel folding machine, log saw, single bag packing machine, and multi bags packing machine. This production line ensures smooth and stable operation from raw material to finished products, featuring a high degree of automation that significantly saves labor costs and reduces labor intensity. It’s an optimal choice for businesses aiming to produce tissue products efficiently.

Video & Technical Parameters

Automatic N Fold Hand Towel Machine

Full view of the N fold Hand Towel Production Line Machine

Production Capacity

No Item Data
1 Design Speed 200m/min
2 Stable Speed 130-160m/min
3 Max jumbo roll width 1050 mm
4 Jumbo roll material Wood  pulp
5 Paper gram weight 1 ply, 36-44 gsm,(normal hand towel paper)
2 ply,18-22 gsm (glue lamination hand towel paper,with wet strong chemical)
6 Production Capacity 7.72 Ton/ Day(22 hours per day,0.65 work efficiency)

Note: The above production calculation is for reference only. The specific production capacity is related to the weight of the base paper, the characteristics of the base paper, product specifications, and the specific situation of each company.

Machine Configuration

No Item Data
1 Back stands 1 set
2 Embossing unit (steel to steel) 1 set
3 Folding unit 1 set
4 Automatic transfer unit 1 set
5 Conveyor unit 1 set
6 Side turning unit 1 set


Back Stands

No Item Data
1 Back stand structure Wallboard type
2 Back stand jumbo roll width 1500mm
3 Max jumbo roll diameter ≤¢1500mm
4 Jumbo roll core diameter ¢76mm
5 Jumbo roll belt 2 pcs/set
6 Belt speed adjustment Independently adjust the speed of each jumbo roll through the touch screen
7 Jumbo roll side-move adjustment Hand wheel adjustment
8 Jumbo roll loading way Pneumatic paper feeding
9 Driving way Independent motor+synchronous belt
10 Motor 3KW/set
11 Min air pressure 0.6Mpa
12 Air consumption About 1m³/hour
13 Weight About 1.5 T/set
14 Protection Protection cover for machine driving system


Folding unit

NO Item Data
1 Design speed(m/min) 200 m/min
2 Stable speed (m/min) 130-160 m/min
3 Tissue paper open size (mm) 210(+3,-3)×1500
4 Tissue paper folded size(mm) 70(+3,-3)×1500
5 Finished product height(mm) 120mm-300mm
6 Counting (sheet) Each pile:150-300 sheet(Even number only)
7 Counting adjustment way Set in touch screen directly
8 Counting way Adopting high-resolution servo operation, with 100% accurate counting
9 Tissue paper gram weight(gsm) 1 ply, 38~44g/㎡
10 Folding way Vacuum adsorption folding
11 Machine structure Wallboard thickness 40mm 45#
12 Main motor(kW) 5.5
13 Paper tension control Through touch screen
14 Vacuum pump(kW) 30 KW
15 Air pressure(MPa) ≥0.6
16 Air consumption 1000 L/shift


Automatic Transfer Unit

No Item Data
1 Automatic transfer function Using 3 servo controls, automatic stacking can be achieved
2 Structure Wallboard thickness 40mm 45#
3 Stacked sliding seat All stacked sliding seats are equipped with imported linear bearings
4 Pneumatic part AirTAC
5 Sheet count tracking Adopting high-precision servo encoder
6 Counting number adjustment 100% accurate counting through touch screen setting
7 Counting number 120-300 sheet/pile
8 Speed 5 pile/min
9 Servo motor power(kW) 2+2+0.75=4.75
10 Air pressure(MPa) ≥0.5


Hand Towel Log Saw

Long Saw section of the N fold Hand Towel Production Line

Main function:

This machine is a specially designed machine for automatically and continuously cutting hand towel. The design and manufacturing of the entire machine adopt the latest electronic technology and dual servo transmission technology, greatly enhancing the stability of paper cutting, fast and flexible waste removal, anti-static synchronous belt solving the problem of finished product adhesive belt, improving conveying accuracy compared to traditional belts, and improving the cutting quality of paper extraction.

The feeding system of the large rotary single channel paper cutting machine is a unique feature of this machine. It is driven by a dual servo motor system, intermittently conveying raw paper, and segmented control is used for front and rear conveying to accurately control the cutting length of the paper; Rotary paper cutting method, rotating and swinging circular knife holder, circular knife rotation, precise cutting of paper drawing; Configure an automatic tool grinding system to automatically grind round knives, and the grinding wheel automatically feeds. The parameters can be adjusted through the touch screen.

Technical Parameter

No Item Data
1 Speed 30-150 cut/min
2 Cutting round blade diameter 610 mm
3 Head and tail minimum cutting 5 mm
4 Cutting size L(150-250)-W(130-300)-H(75-100 )
5 Grinding wheel sharping time setting Adjust through touch screen
6 Voltage 380V、 50HZ
7 Air pressure 0.5–0.8MPa
8 Machine weight 1500kg


Automatic Hand Towel Packing Machine

Packing Machine of the N fold Hand Towel Production Line

Main performance and structural characteristics

  1. The entire machine adopts PLC and servo motor as control and driving units to achieve fully automated operation of product transportation, material distribution, film feeding, bag making, bag opening, bag feeding, sealing, date coding, etc;
  2. Mold forming: The sealing adopts a negative pressure molding design of the mold to ensure the aesthetic packaging effect;
  3. Human machine interface: touch screen settings, operation, simple and convenient operation;
  4. Fault tracking alarm: It can quickly identify the cause and location of the fault and automatically display it on the touch screen, facilitating equipment maintenance;
  5. Monitoring system: whether there are packaging bags or product monitoring to prevent the operation of packaging bags or products; When there is an abnormal shape of the packaging bag, it will be automatically discharged; Automatic shutdown and operation in case of abnormal bag opening; Automatically discharge the packaging bag when it fails to open due to adhesion of the packaging bag;
  6. The packaging speed can be freely adjusted;
  7. Temperature control system: Adopting a heating wire instantaneous heating and AC control mode, it has strong adaptability to the corona quality of packaging bags and effectively avoids the drawbacks of false sealing;

Technical Parameter

Packing size(mm) L(180-230)-W(110-200)-H(76)mm
Packing speed 20-40 bags/min
Total power(KW) 11KW
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Machine weight(Kg) 3000 Kg
Dimension (mm) About 5332x1060x1693 mm(LxWxH)
Air pressure 0.5~0.6MPA
Packing film material OPP CPP PE

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