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Core cutting machine/Paper tube cutter

The Core Cutting Machine/Paper Tube Cutter is a pivotal piece of equipment designed to enhance efficiency in paper production and packaging processes. With a main power of 1.5kw and a capacity for 10-30 cuts per minute, this machine offers versatility in core diameter (Φ35-Φ100mm) and thickness (0.5-10 mm), accommodating a wide range of paper tube specifications. Ideal for paper making plants and tissue factories, its precision cutting supports the production of toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins, facilitating seamless integration with toilet paper machines and paper slitting systems. The machine’s compact size (2700mm860mm1100mm) and lightweight design (about 0.4T) make it an essential addition to any paper manufacturing line, ensuring consistent quality and productivity with minimal maintenance requirements.

Video & Technical Parameters

Main power 1.5kw
Speed 10-30 cut/min
Core diameter Φ35-Φ100mm
Core thickness 0.5-10 mm
Core length 500-1750
Machine dimension 2700mm*860mm*1100mm(length*width*height)
Machine weight about 0.4T

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