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Automatic Tissue Bundle Packing Machine

The HF-B30TM Automatic Tissue Bundle Packing Machine revolutionizes packaging for facial tissues, napkins, and V-fold hand towels with its servo control system, ensuring precise paper arrangement and packaging. Its innovative features include central vacuum station management, up & down heating for versatile material compatibility, and multiple detection and alarm functions for operational efficiency. With easy adaptability for single or double rows and a maximum speed of 28 bags/min, this machine combines high efficiency with aesthetic packaging results, making it an essential asset for high-demand packaging environments.

Video & Technical Parameters

1、Machine picture

Detailed view of HF-B30TM's paper arrangement system.

Close-up of HF-B30TM's servo control panel.

2Machine main advantages

  • HF-B30TM automatic tissue bundle packing machine is suitable for automatically bundle packing soft drawn facial tissue, napkin and V fold hand towel paper.
  • Adopt servo control for paper array, paper arrangement, paper advance, paper filling in to bag, bag pulling, bag opening and seal functions. Easy to operate and maintenance.
  • Adopt central vacuum station management mode.
  • Adopt up & down heating mode by heating pipe, sufficient satisfy different kind of packaging material, can ensure good look seal and stable running.
  • Equipped with bag open detect function, air source management function, auto alarm when fault and display function, servo overload protection function.
  • Easy for single/double rows changing, easy to operate and high efficiency.
  • Maximum stable working speed: 28 bags/min.
  • Configuration instruction:

3.1Finished package style

HF-B30TM Machine showcasing packing style 1.

Packing style 2 executed by HF-B30TM Machine.HF-B30TM Machine's packing style 3 demonstration.HF-B30TM Machine executing packing style 5.Showcasing packing style 4 by HF-B30TM Machine.

3.2 Finished product samples

Finished tissue pack by HF-B30TM Machine

4. Machine main parameter

Basic parameter Description Remark
Scope of product Single film packed tissue product Bundle packing
Paper feeding mode ASF intelligent paper feeding
Packing style 1×2、1×3、1×4、1×5


Need to be in the total packing range
Design speed 30 bags/min
Stable working speed 25-30 bags/min Relate to product specification
Bag installation structure Dual bag racks
Bag storage quantity Less than 400 premade bags
Length range 120 mm 500 mm
Width range 120 mm 420 mm
Height range 75 mm 115 mm
Machine dimension L 3300 mm/W 1400 mm/H1900 mm
Machine weight 1900 KG
Premade bag material CPP、PE film Thickness≥0.04mm
Compressed air Pressure≥0.6MPA/Flow≥30L/min Buyer prepare
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Total motor power 16 KW
Total heating power 2 KW
Voltage wave range +/-10% National standard
I/O input (VDC) 24VDC
I/O output (VDC) 24VDC
Machine movement control mode 7 shafts servo positioning control Servos drive
Machine main transmission mode Servo motors drive belts
Machine color and craft Deep grey, static spraying paint craft
Bag type Same to manually bag with handle and hole
Gusset forming mode Vacuum mould.






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