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Automatic Single Toilet Roll Packing Machine

The HF-R200SD Automatic Single Toilet Roll Packing Machine is engineered for high efficiency and versatility, capable of packaging both core and coreless toilet rolls and kitchen towels. Featuring servo motor control for precise operations, it supports up to 200 rolls/min with core and 150 rolls/min without, ensuring optimal productivity. Its adjustable settings cater to various tissue lengths from 80mm to 195mm, facilitating rapid specification changes. With its comprehensive functionality, including vertical sealing and air exhaust, it stands out for its ease of maintenance and low operational costs. Ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their packaging efficiency and adaptability.

Video & Technical Parameters

Main Features:

  1. HF-R200SD Automatic single toilet roll packing machine features adopt to kitchen towel and toilet paper with core and without core package.
  2. Toilet rolls feeding,put the packing film,,vertical sealing,coreless rolls air   exhaust,reversing all action control by sever motor,have completely all function , high efficiency, simple operation, specifications to adapt to a wide range, the quick changeover specifications, the advantages of convenient maintenance and low use cost.
  3. Stable speed with core the maximum speed is 200rolls/min
  4. Stable speed without core the maximum speed is 150rolls/min
  5. It is adjustable the tissue length from 80mm-195mmonly set by electronic.
Model HF-R200SD
Packing speed(roll/min) 20-200rolls
Maximum production speed(roll/min) 200rolls/min
Film roller maxi width(mm) 430mm
Tissue specification Length(mm) 80-195
Diameter(mm) 80-125
Total power 12 KW
Motor Power 3.2KW
Cutting blade double blade
Packing film structure Double roller
Machine net weight 1800KG
Equipment noise (db) ≤78DB
Production rate ≥97%
Machine size(LXWXH) 5500×3300×1600
Voltage 220V  50HZ
Raw material of film BOPP、SPP、CPP
Film Thickness (mm) 0.018-0.03

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