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Automatic Napkin Production Line

The Automatic Napkin Production Line, featuring the HF-CJ-330 High-speed napkin machine and HF-T80SD Automatic Napkin Facial Tissue Packing Machine, revolutionizes the napkin manufacturing industry. With capabilities of processing 1-2 layers of 15-21 g/m² paper at speeds up to 1000 pieces per minute, this line ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. Its innovative design includes a steel to paper embossing set, electronic counting, and a sophisticated control system utilizing DELTA appliances and Siemens PLC for precise folding and packaging. Designed to handle napkin sizes from 120mm to 210mm and compatible with CPP film, it offers versatile packaging solutions, including three-dimensional wraps. This line is an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale production with consistent quality and minimal downtime.

Video & Technical Parameters

HF-CJ-330 Automatic napkin tissue paper folding machine

HF-CJ-330 high-speed napkin tissue paper folding machine in operation.

  1. Machine model: HF-CJ-330 High-speed napkin machine
  2. Finished product size:  Open size:330* 330mm
  3. Layers of the paper: 1-2 layers  15 – 21 g/ m², 1 layer paper need ≥19g
  4. Raw materials for maximum width:330mm
  5. Material Diameter:1200mm
  6. Inner diameter of raw paper core: Φ76.2mm
  7. Embossing: one set steel to paper
  8. Folding Type:1/4
  9. The host structure: wallboard structure.
  10. The host drive: synchronous toothed belt drive, a flat belt conveying.
  11. The control mode: frequency control of motor speed
  12. The host power: 4 KW
  13. Cutter power: 1.5 KW
  14. Control electrical appliances: DELTA
  15. Broken paper features: embossed cut paper stop position
  16. Whet knife way: position manual adjustment, the pneumatic;
  17. Web guide: with
  18. Counting: electronic counter, pneumatic hop
  19. Operating speed:1000pcs/min
  20. Rear frame feeding: Automatic feeding,Type wide belf feeding, 1.2 meters in diameter can be put on the raw material
  21. Power: 380V,three-phase four wire. Add ground
  22. cent fold function: using Siemens PLC program control and electronic pneumatic folding
  23. fold the principle: the directional distribution, collection and counting position location points fold pattern
  24. fold Settings: points fold number can be adjusted, total height less than 120 mm, two-way steering function

HF-T80SD Automatic Napkin Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Operational HF-T80SD Automatic Napkin Facial Tissue Packing Machine.

Technical Specifications Description
Scope of application Facial tissue, hand towel,napkin tissue
Infeed ASF Full automatic
Max.design mechanical speed   100  bags/min
Max. stable operation speed 100  bags/min
Tissue length range (finished product)   120   mm-  210   mm
Tissue height range(finished product)   40    mm-   100  mm
Tissue width range(finished product)   90     mm-   105   mm
Spare parts for change size  3  set
Machine size Length 4600  mm Width  3620  mm Height  1770  mm
Machine weight About   3300    KG
Packing raw material CPP film
Film Thickness 0.04mm-0.055mm
Max film diameter    400  mm
Film core diameter 76mm
Max film width 340mm
Air pressure Minimum air pressure  5MPA
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Total drive power    4.8    KW
Total heating power     4.6   KW
Voltage variation +/-10%
I/O Input/ I/O 24VDC
I/O Output/ I/O 24VDC
Machine run control pattern Three  axle servo and axle location control
Equipment main transmission mode 20crmnti mechanical-cam+The electronic CAM drive


Machine standard colour Gray, International color RAL 7032
Packing format Three-dimensional wrap

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