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Automatic Maxi roll band saw cutting machine

The HF-2800 Automatic Maxi Roll Band Saw Cutting Machine revolutionizes the maxi roll production process with its high efficiency, precision, and user-friendly interface. Engineered for seamless integration into tissue manufacturing lines, this machine boasts advanced PLC programming, servo motor-driven operations, and Mitsubishi inverter speed control for unparalleled production stability. Its innovative log pusher, controlled by a servo motor, ensures accurate cutting lengths, while the single stainless steel feed channel with separate servo motor enhances roll handling. The automatic blade sharpening system and photoelectric checking system guarantee consistent, flawless cuts, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Ideal for paper making plants and tissue factories aiming to boost their maxi roll output, the HF-2800 stands out for its low noise operation, durability, and minimal blade wear, ensuring a smooth, continuous production flow of high-quality paper products.

Video & Technical Parameters

Main Features

  • This machine is easy operated, low noise, stable moving and high-production.
  • Adopting with advanced PLC programming technology, speed controlled by inverter and touch-screen operation panel (Mitsubishi brand)
  • Drived by servo motor
  • Log pusher controller by a servomotor, which provide the correct cutting length
  • Single stainless steel feed channels,separate servo motor control,with clip hold the rolls
  • Automatic blade sharpening system, adjust by touch screen
  • Equipped with advanced photoelectric checking system
  • Automatic stop in case of misplacement or over ø of log
  • Band saw knife wear and tear less than log saw cutter
  • Controlling screen sets all the slitting speed and length, so the smoothness and the continuity of pushing, cutting.
  • Finished production with perfect cut.

Technical Features:

  • Paper log length: max2600 mm.
  • Slitting length: Variable, Servo Control, Tolerance ±1mm
  • Machine speed: Max. 30cut/min
  • Maximum operation speed: 10-15rolls/min
  • Specification of finished product (Large cutting range)
Maxi roll (JRT) Slitting length 90~300mm
Core thickness 1.1mm-6mm
Outer Dia. of paper roll 150~300mm
Waste-material length 25~30mm
  • With conveyor belt transportation the log
  • With paper feeding lifting stand
  • Band saw cutter with inverter control
  • Power Supply:15KW
  • Required voltage: 380V,3 phases, 50 Hz.
  • Machine size: 5900*2600*2200mm
  • Machine weight: 3000kg

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