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Automatic Hand Towel Packing Machine

The integration of PLC and servo motor technology in this advanced packaging machine ensures fully automated operations, including product transportation, material distribution, film feeding, and sealing. Its mold forming capability utilizes a negative pressure design for aesthetic packaging results, while the user-friendly touch screen simplifies operation and settings adjustments. The machine is equipped with a fault tracking alarm and monitoring system to enhance operational efficiency and maintenance ease. Additionally, its flexible packaging speed and temperature control system adapt to various packaging materials, ensuring reliable sealing without the risk of false sealing. Key features like core cutting, sticker cutting, and flexographic printing are supported, making it versatile for a wide range of packaging applications.

Video & Technical Parameters

Main Features

  1. The entire machine adopts PLC and servo motor as control and driving units to achieve fully automated operation of product transportation, material distribution, film feeding, bag making, bag opening, bag feeding, sealing, date coding, etc;
  2. Mold forming: The sealing adopts a negative pressure molding design of the mold to ensure the aesthetic packaging effect;
  3. Human machine interface: touch screen settings, operation, simple and convenient operation;
  4. Fault tracking alarm: It can quickly identify the cause and location of the fault and automatically display it on the touch screen, facilitating equipment maintenance;
  5. Monitoring system: whether there are packaging bags or product monitoring to prevent the operation of packaging bags or products; When there is an abnormal shape of the packaging bag, it will be automatically discharged; Automatic shutdown and operation in case of abnormal bag opening; Automatically discharge the packaging bag when it fails to open due to adhesion of the packaging bag;
  6. The packaging speed can be freely adjusted;
  7. Temperature control system: Adopting a heating wire instantaneous heating and AC control mode, it has strong adaptability to the corona quality of packaging bags and effectively avoids the drawbacks of false sealing;
Packing size(mm) L(180-230)-W(110-200)-H(76)mm
Packing speed 20-40 bags/min
Total power(KW) 11KW
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Machine weight(Kg) 3000 Kg
Dimension (mm) About 5332x1060x1693 mm(LxWxH)
Air pressure 0.5~0.6MPA
Packing film material OPP CPP PE

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