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Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine

The ASF Full Automatic Tissue Packing Machine revolutionizes packaging for facial tissues, hand towels, and napkin tissues with its cutting-edge technology. Boasting a remarkable speed of up to 100 bags per minute, this machine offers unparalleled efficiency in packaging operations. Its versatility in handling a wide range of product sizes, combined with the adaptability to various packing materials like CPP film, ensures that it meets diverse market needs. Enhanced with a three-axle servo and electronic CAM drive for precise control, it guarantees aesthetically pleasing and secure packaging every time. The machine’s robust design and automatic features streamline production lines, making it an indispensable asset for tissue manufacturing.

Video & Technical Parameters


Technical Specifications Description
Scope of application  Facial tissue, hand towel,napkin tissue
Infeed ASF Full automatic
Max. stable operation speed 100  bags/min
Tissue length range (finished product)   120   mm-  210   mm
Tissue height range(finished product)   40    mm-   100  mm
Tissue width range(finished product)   90     mm-   105   mm
Spare parts for change size 3  set
Machine size Length 4600  mm Width  3620  mm Height  1770  mm
Machine weight About   3000    KG
Packing raw material CPP film
Film Thickness 0.04mm-0.055mm
Max film diameter    400  mm
Film core diameter 76mm
Max film width 340mm
Air pressure Minimum air pressure  5MPA
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Total drive power    4.8    KW
Total heating power     4.6   KW
Voltage variation +/-10%
I/O Input/ I/O 24VDC
I/O Output/ I/O 24VDC
Machine run control pattern Three  axle servo and axle location control
Equipment main transmission mode 20crmnti mechanical-cam+The electronic CAM drive


Packing format Three-dimensional wrap

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