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Automatic Facial Tissue Folding Machine

The Automatic Facial Tissue Folding Machine is a state-of-the-art paper processing equipment designed to transform tissue jumbo rolls into precisely folded “V” type paper. Utilizing advanced vacuum adsorption technology and an auxiliary manipulator folding mechanism, this machine offers unmatched efficiency and accuracy in facial tissue production.

Video & Technical Parameters

Production speed (90-120)m/min
Product unfold size (mm) 180 (length) x(130-210) (wide adjustable)
190 (length) x(130-210) (wide adjustable)
200 (length) x(130-210) (wide adjustable)
Folding products size (mm) 90 (length) x(130-210) (wide adjustable)
95(length) x(130-210) (wide adjustable)
100 (length) x(130-210) (wide adjustable)
Maximum cutting base paper size 2L: 420mm 3L: 680mm 4L: 840mm 5L: 1050mm 6L: 1260mm
Equipment electric power 2L: 3.0KW 3L: 3.0KW 4L: 4.0KW 5L: 5.5KW 6L: 5.5KW
Vacuum blower 2L: 7.5KW 3L: 11KW 4L: 15KW 5L: 15KW 6L: 22KW
Machine dimension (m) Depends on Machine Model
Equipment weight(kg) Depend on the size and configure

Function and Characteristics:

  1. Features automatic counting for streamlined output management, enhancing production line efficiency.
  2. Adopts a stepless speed regulation for unwinding, accommodating varying paper material tensions, ensuring high-quality tissue folding.
  3. Utilizes PLC computer programming control and pneumatic paper loading, simplifying operations.
  4. Incorporates frequency conversion control for energy savings and operational efficiency.
  5. Adjustable product width meets diverse market requirements, making it versatile for commercial tissue manufacturing.
  6. Paper rolling pattern device and edge embossing unit offer customizable patterns, meeting specific market demands with flexibility (patterns chosen by clients).
  7. Capable of producing both “V” type single-layer towels and two-layer glue lamination products, catering to eco-friendly tissue production needs (Optional).

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