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Automatic Box Drawing Facial Tissue Production Line

The Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line represents a comprehensive solution for facial tissue manufacturing, seamlessly integrating various stages from raw material processing to final product packaging. This fully automated line includes a facial tissue folding machine, a single channel log saw, a single bag packing machine, an automatic single box packing machine, and an automatic shrinking machine. Designed for smooth and stable operation, this production line significantly reduces labor costs and intensity, making it an ideal choice for producing high-quality tissue products.

Video & Technical Parameters

HF-CS-190/7L V Fold Facial Tissue Machine

The HF-CS-190/7L V Fold Facial Tissue Machine is engineered for superior facial tissue production, transforming jumbo rolls into elegantly folded rectangular or square tissues. This machine is characterized by its high-speed operation, precision folding, and simplicity in handling, making it a standout in the tissue manufacturing industry. It employs frequency motor independent drive, automatic tension adjustment, and automatic counting stack capabilities to ensure the production is not only high-speed but also delivers neatly folded outcomes with ease of operation.

Main Features:

  1. Features steel to rubber embossing rolls, available on order, for custom embossing patterns, enhancing product quality.
  2. The wallboard rack design ensures stability and high-speed operation, marking a significant advancement in tissue manufacturing technology.
  3. Pneumatic jumbo roll loading and adjustable web tension control cater to various paper qualities, optimizing production efficiency.
  4. Incorporates a roots type vacuum pump for consistent and stable machine operation.
  5. Adaptable to produce different widths of the product as per market demand, showcasing the flexibility of this tissue paper making machine.
  6. Edge embossing unit maintains the ply bond of two-layer tissues, ensuring product integrity.
  7. Equipped with an automatic stop for paper breaks, minimizing waste and enhancing operational safety.
  8. The easy threading of the web through jog buttons increases safety and simplifies the operation.
Feature Specification
Machine model HF-CS-190/7Lmm
Finished products unfolded size 95X(120-210)±2mm
Folding products size 190X210±2mm
Raw material width 1400mm
Raw material diameter 1100mm
Raw material core diameter 76.2mm
Output (8 hours) 2000-3000Kg
Embossing unit Steel to steel, Steel to steel edge embossing, independent pneumatic regulation
Slitting unit Pneumatic slitting
Power Main motor 5.5KW, Unwind motor 1.5KW (2 sets)
Vacuum suction unit Fan 18.5KW
Pneumatic system 3 HP air compressor, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2PA
Driving system Timing belt
Dimension 7950X2500X1850mm
Weight 6.0T


HF-DHX-150 Single Channel large roundabout slitter

The Cyclotron Paper Cutter is engineered for precision and efficiency in the automatic cutting of folded and round roll paper towel products, such as removable tissue and toilet roll paper. This machine leverages advanced servo drive technology and motor speed frequency control to significantly enhance the stability and accuracy of paper cutting. It ensures the end face of each tissue cut is perfectly flat, offering adjustable cutting lengths to accommodate various product sizes. The cutter features a fixed automatic knife grinding wheel angle to maintain optimal sharpening quality, supported by continuous compressed air flow for cooling and the option for special cooling fluids.

Designation Parameter Values
The length of the non-cut off facial tissue Minimum 500mm
The Height of tissue 30~130mm
Machine Speed 20~150cut/min
Operating speed 20~120cut/min
Round blade outer diameter Φ610mm
Paper cutting circular knife top speed 980R/min
Finished products specification 70~300mm
Paper width 70~110mm
Cutting Length 70~300mm
Left-over Length 20~65mm
Power 11KW
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Air source 0.5~0.8MPa
Machine Size 460017002500mm
Weight of machine 2300~2600kg
Brake Parameter setting (auto/manual)
Stepping sharpening knife Parameter setting (auto)
Pneumatic sharpening knife Parameter setting (auto/manual)
Blow air Without
The total pressure switch Value (not)
Human-computer interface Optional (Standard DELTA)
Frequency changer DELTA
Servo Drive DELTA


HF-T80SD Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Technical Specifications Description
Scope of application Facial tissue, hand towel, napkin tissue
Infeed ASF Full automatic
Max. stable operation speed 100 bags/min
Tissue length range (finished product) 120 mm – 210 mm
Tissue height range (finished product) 40 mm – 100 mm
Tissue width range (finished product) 90 mm – 105 mm
Spare parts for change size 3 sets
Machine size Length 4600 mm, Width 3620 mm, Height 1770 mm
Machine weight About 3000 KG
Packing raw material CPP film
Film Thickness 0.04mm-0.055mm
Max film diameter 400 mm
Film core diameter 76mm
Max film width 340mm
Air pressure Minimum air pressure 5MPA
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Total drive power 4.8 KW
Total heating power 4.6 KW
Voltage variation +/-10%
I/O Input 24VDC
I/O Output 24VDC
Machine run control pattern Three axle servo and axle location control
Equipment main transmission mode 20crmnti mechanical-cam+The electronic CAM drive
Packing format Three-dimensional wrap


HF-FH1 Automatic Box Packing Machine

Name and Model HF-FH1 Automatic Box Packing Machine
Speed 30-60 box/min
Packing size Length: 100- 240 mm
Width: 100-120 mm
Height: 45-90 mm
Box gram weight 300-450g/m2
Glue type Hot melt glue/ Glue machine
Power 6 KW, 3H 380V 50Hz
Air compressor 0.5-0.8 Mpa (Buyer provide)
Weight 1500Kg
Dimension 3200*1300*1800mm


HF-550 Automatic Shrinking Machine

Name Cutting Part
Speed 15 m/min
Packing size Width < =850 mm
Height< = 250 mm
Box gram weight 300-450g/m2
Film POF
Power 1.5 KW 220V/ 50-60 Hz
Air compressor 5kg/m2
Weight 350 KG
Dimension 2500X1300X1500mm
Name Shrinking Part
Power 22 KW 380V/ 50 Hz
Speed 10 m/min
Dimension 1900X950X400mm
Weight 250KG

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