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Automatic Bottom Draw Facial Tissue Production Line

The Automatic Bottom Draw Facial Tissue Production Line encompasses a high-efficiency workflow, integrating an automatic transfer facial tissue folding machine, a single channel log saw, and a single bag packing machine. This advanced machinery line ensures smooth and stable operation from raw materials to finished products. Highlighted by its high degree of automation, this production line significantly saves labor costs and reduces labor intensity, making it an optimal solution for facial tissue product manufacturing. Ideal for both small and large-scale operations, this line supports eco-friendly tissue production technology, underlining our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Video & Technical Parameters

HF-CS-190/7L V Fold Facial Tissue Machine

The HF-CS-190/7L V Fold Facial Tissue Machine is engineered to transform slit jumbo rolls into neatly folded rectangular or square facial tissues. This machine boasts a variable frequency motor drive, automatic tension control, and auto-stack counting, ensuring high-speed production, uniform folding, and user-friendly operation. Its design includes options for pneumatic embossing and separation, with the entire machine structure providing exceptional stability and speed. The machine’s versatility allows for the production of various product widths, meeting diverse market demands. With the addition of a roots type vacuum pump, the machine operates with remarkable stability, enhancing product quality.

Key Features

  1. Pneumatic Embossing and Separation: Customize your product with steel to rubber embossing rolls, easily separated pneumatically, catering to diverse market needs including toilet paper and facial tissues.
  2. Stable Wallboard Frame Construction: Ensures rapid, stable operation, making it a pivotal part of any tissue making machine setup.
  3. Pneumatic Jumbo Roll Loading with Stepless Speed Adjustment: Automatically adjusts to varying paper tensions, ideal for tissue production lines and paper making plants.
  4. Roots Type Vacuum Pump: Guarantees stable machine operation with significant suction capacity, a feature appreciated in paper napkin machines and tissue factories.
  5. Adjustable Product Width: Offers versatility to produce different product widths, meeting the requirements of a facial tissue production line.
  6. Edge Embossing Unit: Ensures two-ply tissues remain intact, highlighting the embossed paper machine’s capability to produce high-quality tissues.
  7. Automatic Stop for Paper Breakage: Prevents waste, enhancing the efficiency of toilet tissue making machines and facial tissue packing machines.
  8. Ease of Operation with Jog Buttons: Simplifies the web threading process, making it safer and more accessible, a key advantage for auto fold machines.
Specification Value
Machine model HF-CS-190/7L
Finished products unfolded size 95X(120-210)±2mm
Folding products size 190X210±2mm
Raw material width 1400mm
Raw material diameter 1100mm
Raw material core diameter 76.2mm
Out put (8 hours) 2000-3000Kg
Embossing unit Steel to steel, Steel to steel edge embossing, independent pneumatic regulation
Slitting unit Pneumatic slitting
Power Main motor 5.5KW, Unwind motor 1.5KW(2set)
Vacuum suction unit Fan 18.5KW
Pneumatic system 3 HP air compressor, mini pressure 5kg/cm2PA
Driving system Timing belt
Dimension 7950X2500X1850mm
Weight 6.0T


HF-DHX-150 Single Channel large roundabout slitter

The HF-DHX-150 Single Channel Large Roundabout Slitter is designed for the continuous cutting of folded and roll paper towel products, such as facial tissues or toilet rolls. Featuring servo drive technology and variable speed control, this machine enhances cutting stability and precision, ensuring smooth, flat end cuts. Its adjustable cutting length and fixed grinding wheel angle guarantee sharp, quality cuts. With integrated cooling via compressed air and optional cooling fluid compatibility, this slitter ensures efficient operation. Key features also include compatibility with facial tissue cartoning machines, the ability to handle a variety of paper tissues, and support for environmental sustainability through potential integration with eco-friendly tissue production technologies. This machinery is an essential component for manufacturers looking to optimize tissue paper production, offering high-speed operation, easy maintenance, and adaptability to various paper types, making it a valuable addition to any paper product manufacturing line.

Designation Parameter Values
The length of the none cut off facial tissue minimum 500mm
The Height of tissue 30~130mm
Machine Speed 20~150cut/min
operating speed 20~120cut/min
Round blade outer diameter Φ610mm
Paper cutting circular knife top speed 980R/min
Finished products specification 70~300mm
Paper width 70~110mm
Cutting Length 70~300mm
Left-over Length 20~65mm
Power 11KW
power supply 380V 50Hz
Air source 0.5~0.8MPa
Machine Size 4600*1700*2500mm
weight of machine 2300~2600kg
brake Parameter setting (auto/manual)
Stepping sharpening knife Parameter setting (auto)
Pneumatic sharpening knife Parameter setting (auto/manual)
Blow air without
The total pressure switch Value (not)
human-computer interface Optional (standard DELTA)
frequency changer DELTA
Servo Drive DELTA


HF-T80SD Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine

  1. The entire machine adopts PLC and servo motor as control and driving units to achieve fully automated operation of product transportation, material distribution, film feeding, bag making, bag opening, bag feeding, sealing, date coding, etc;
  2. Mold forming: The sealing adopts a negative pressure molding design of the mold to ensure the aesthetic packaging effect;
  3. Human machine interface: touch screen settings, operation, simple and convenient operation;
  4. Fault tracking alarm: It can quickly identify the cause and location of the fault and automatically display it on the touch screen, facilitating equipment maintenance;
  5. Monitoring system: whether there are packaging bags or product monitoring to prevent the operation of packaging bags or products; When there is an abnormal shape of the packaging bag, it will be automatically discharged; Automatic shutdown and operation in case of abnormal bag opening; Automatically discharge the packaging bag when it fails to open due to adhesion of the packaging bag;
  6. The packaging speed can be freely adjusted;
  7. Temperature control system: Adopting a heating wire instantaneous heating and AC control mode, it has strong adaptability to the corona quality of packaging bags and effectively avoids the drawbacks of false sealing;
Packing size(mm) L(180-230)-W(110-200)-H(76)mm
Packing speed 20-40 bags/min
Total power(KW) 11KW
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Machine weight(Kg) 3000 Kg
Dimension (mm) About 5332x1060x1693 mm(LxWxH)
Air pressure 0.5~0.6MPA
Packing film material OPP CPP PE

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