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Automatic Band Saw Machine

The HF-BS Automatic Band Saw Machine stands out for its exceptional design tailored for precision cutting of jumbo toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls. Engineered for efficiency, this model boasts a robust Delta Servo Motor, ensuring consistent operation at speeds of 80 to 100 cuts per minute, with a peak capability of 120 cuts per minute. Its pneumatic sharpening system guarantees the blade’s sharpness, with adjustable intervals for optimal performance. The machine’s compact footprint (380025002000mm) and moderate weight (about 1.5T) make it a versatile addition to any production line, particularly complementing tissue manufacturing, embossing napkin folding, and paper recycling processes. Its cutting-edge design supports a wide range of jumbo roll sizes, with the flexibility to meet diverse market demands. Ideal for businesses focusing on eco-friendly tissue production and high-quality paper goods, the HF-BS enhances productivity while ensuring the highest standards of precision and quality in paper cutting.

Video & Technical Parameters

Model HF-BS Automatic Band Saw
Jumbo Roll Max Width 1750mm
Jumbo Roll Diameter φ80~φ130mm
Design Speed 120 cut/minute
Stable Speed 80~100 cut/minute
Grinding System Pneumatic Sharpen, grinding time can be set
Driving System Delta Servo Motor
Power 2.2KW
Dimension 3800*2500*2000mm
Blade Size 3900*80*1(mm)
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Weight About 1.5T

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