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The Grades of Paper in Everyday Life: From Premium to Standard

A person using premium quality facial tissue paper for gentle skin care.

In our daily lives, paper is ubiquitous, yet not all papers are created equal. Whether it’s the toilet paper in our bathrooms or the facial tissue paper on our vanity, the quality of the paper we use can impact our comfort and health. This blog post will explore the different grades of paper commonly found in households and what makes some superior to others. From luxurious 100% virgin pulp to environmentally-friendly recycled paper, understanding these variations can help you make better choices for both your skin and the planet.

Understanding Paper Grades

Virgin Pulp Paper

Virgin pulp paper is considered the highest quality and is made from 100% original wood fibers. These fibers have not been previously used or processed, which results in a more robust and softer paper product. Virgin pulp is particularly favored for products like facial tissue paper, where softness and hypoallergenic properties are essential. This paper boasts superior absorbency, softness, and strength, making it ideal for sensitive skin and premium applications.

Mixed Pulp Paper

Good quality paper, often labeled simply as “wood pulp” paper, includes a mix of virgin and recycled fibers. This blend allows for a reduction in cost while maintaining a comfortable level of softness and strength. It’s a common compromise between quality and environmental sustainability, providing a middle ground for daily use in households that value both comfort and ecological responsibility.

Recycled Paper

As the most environmentally sustainable option, recycled paper is made from post-consumer content. The process involves reusing paper fibers from used products to create new paper, significantly conserving natural resources and reducing waste. However, recycled paper often lacks the softness and strength of virgin pulp paper, making it less suitable for facial tissue but quite adequate for products like toilet paper, where durability over softness is acceptable.

Choosing the Right Paper for Your Needs

When selecting paper products, consider the following factors:

Softness: Essential for facial tissues and preferable for toilet paper.

Strength: Both facial tissues and toilet paper must prevent tearing during use.

Absorbency: Critical for effectively picking up spills or drying hands with paper towels.

Environmental Impact: Choosing recycled paper helps reduce waste and supports sustainability efforts.

Tips for Buying Paper Products

Read Labels Carefully: Check for terms like “100% virgin pulp,” “mixed pulp,” or “recycled paper” to understand what you’re buying.

Consider Your Use Case: Select higher-quality virgin pulp paper for facial tissues and consider more sustainable, recycled options for less critical uses like cleaning and toilet paper.

Bulk Buying: Purchasing in bulk can reduce costs and packaging waste. If you use large quantities of paper products, look for wholesale options.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Paper Products

Store your paper products in a dry, cool place to prevent them from absorbing moisture, leading to degradation and a loss of effectiveness. Also, consider the packaging, opting for products that use minimal plastic and are easy to recycle.


Whether it’s the plush feel of premium toilet paper or the practicality of recycled paper towels, the type of paper you choose has implications beyond utility. By understanding the differences between high-quality virgin pulp and eco-friendly recycled paper, you can make choices that align with your comfort preferences and environmental values.

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